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How Works?

Profile Registration :
You can register your basic profile by entering the required minimal details in the Lallabi home page or
You will receive a verification email to the provided email address. [ If You Can`t Find The E mail Verification Mail In Your Inbox, Just Check Your Junk Mail / Bulk Mail Folder And Select The Mail From Lallabi And Put It To Your Email Inbox ]
Just click the verification link in that mail and it will lead to the login page of
Use your Email ID & password to login to Lallabi Inbox
There you can do search according to your wish & will.
When you wanted to see the Full Details of the listed ads, you will be prompted to add the corresponding requirements / products / services etc. and make an Activity Profile.
Just add the required/product details & submit and within few minutes your Activity Profiles will be approved & you will get a `Profile Approval Confirmation` mail if it meet theTerms & Conditions Of Use of
Then after you can see all the Profiles in that corresponding Activity and you can start your communication.
The profile insertions in will be absolutely free.
Profile Management :
You can login to your Inbox with your login email id & password.
You can Edit / Hide or Delete your profile if you wish so from the corresponding links of your Inbox.
Whenever you do any editing, your profile will be live with previous contents, but the new added/edited contents will be online only after Lallabi Admin Approval.
You can change your password by using the link CHANGE PASSWORD
You can Upload Photos & Videos. The added photos and videos will go live after the Lallabi Admin approval.
But, please note that, whenever you do any editing, your profile will go live only after admin Approval.
If you forget your password, you can use the Forget Password link and submit your e mail Id. Password reset link will be mailed to your email Id automatically.
Profile Management :
You can add any number of Activity Profiles shall be added and Initially all such profiles will be treated as Free Profile.
A corresponding Unique ID shall be generated for each Activity Profiles you add all such profiles will be Free Profiles.
You can do searching matching profiles/requirements/buyers/sellers etc. according to the criteria of your Free Profiles and you will be having the provision to send `Express Interest` / `Hi Smile` etc. against the interested corresponding profiles.
When you click the Express Interest button, the `Express Interest` will reach in the Lallabi Inbox of the proposed buyer/seller and a corresponding Email intimation will go to the Email Inbox of that buyer / seller.
If that corresponding profile is a Paid Profile, then that member can send you a a Personalised Reply Message. Otherwise you should make yours a Paid Profile to start sending personalized messages and availing contact numbers of that corresponding profile owner.
But - as a `Free Profile` member, you will be able to send personalised reply messages to the messages you receive in your Lallabi Message Inbox, from other `Paid Profile` members.
For initiating direct communication with messages and phone calls, you can choose `Paid Profile` options to initiate direct calls / messages / chat etc.
If Yours is a Paid Profile, You Will Be Able To Send Unlimited Personalised Messages To Any Members. You Can Also Send Reply Messages To The Messages You Receive.
If Yours is a Paid Profile, Whenever You Send A Message To Any Free Profiles,, That Free Members Are Allowed To Send Reply To You Through His/Her Lallabi Inbox.
If Yours is a Paid Profile, you Can Start Sending Messages, Make Calls / Chat (According to choosen membership plan) with Any Members, Any Time ( Rather Than `Hoping` They Will Come To You ). Direct Communication Gives More Results.
Lallabi offers multiple profiles adding feature to the registered Members. Any eligible member can add multiple profiles accordingly and each profile shall be recognized by a Unique Profile ID (UPID). Members will be provided the options to upgrade and make each "UPID" by the remittance of corresponding fees, and can make that "UPID" as a Paid Profile. Each "UPID" will be treated as different "UPID" and the payment remittance against a "UPID" will be valid and applicable for those corresponding "UPID" only and after realization of the receipt of the payment, that corresponding "UPID" will be upgraded as Paid Profile and that corresponding "UPID" can avail the Paid Profile Membership features accordingly.
There will be different types of memberships according to different validity and features. You can choose any one type and upgrade your profile as per your wish. Validity of your Paid Profile Membership is based on days (60 90, 120, 150, 180, 270 & 360 Days) and not based on months (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 or 12).

Length of Membership:
Membership registration will be Free and you continue to be a member of Lallabi till: Lallabi discharges its obligations to you by rendering its services to you; or Lallabi or yourself terminate the membership arrangement. When you verify your Email ID, you can add your products / services and other activity related profiles on the Website and it will go live after the admin approval of Lallabi and your each such activity profiles will be allotted with different "UPID" and the active period of such "UPID" shall be different for different activities and so you should refresh your "UPID" profiles accordingly time to time.

Expiry of Membership:
Once your membership with us expires, you will not be able to access your personalized messages sent, and mobile numbers viewed by you. We request you to save all your contacts you had contacted already and also upgrade your membership with us to enjoy access to these features.

Privacy of Membership:
Your Membership is only for personal use. It is not to be assigned, transferred or licensed so as to be used by any other person/entity, without the express written consent of Lallabi. Members are advised to make appropriate/thorough enquiries before acting upon any advertisement. Lallabi does not provide guarantee for or assurance of or subscribe to the claims and representations made by advertisers / respondents regarding particulars of status, quality, age, income of other members/products/pets etc.

If you are interested & NEED the "Express Interest" SENDER`s contact details, you have to Upgrade the corresponding UPID as Paid Profile. Then after you can avail his contact details / you can initiate direct contact with the opposite member. You can Login to Your Lallabi Inbox and upgrade your Profile and Explore more speedy results.

I have a Free Profile. I got an `Express Interest` How Can I Proceed ?

If you are interested & NEED the "Express Interest" SENDER`s contact details, you have to Upgrade the corresponding UPID as Paid Profile. Then after you can avail his contact details / you can initiate direct contact with the opposite member. You can Login to Your Lallabi Inbox and upgrade your Profile and Explore more speedy results.

Payment Options :

Lallabi provide you all type of payment options:

   •   Credit Cards - Visa, Master, AMEX, Diners, JCB, Discover
   •   Debit Cards: All issuers
   •   Net Banking: Over 40+ options
   •   IMPS: 55+ banks
   •   Pay @ Bank (SBI, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank)
   •   Pay By RTGS / NEFT Transfer
   •   Payment by Demand Draft (DD)

Login to Your Lallabi Inbox and upgrade your Profile and Explore more speedy results.

How Can I Contact Lallabi ?

Please click Contact Customer Care to contact Us for any personal assistance. If you are a Lallabi Registered Member always mention your Registered Profile ID and concerned UPID.